Do I need to Insure a Golf Cart?

Every year in Spokane, WA the city hosts a Golf & Travel Show, which I look forward to every year.   Try out the newest golf technology, swing some new clubs, and get a taste of the game I love during the cold winter months.   Being the social media savvy person I am, I decided to tweet about the Spokane Golf Show and make a comment about how we insure golf carts for several of our clients and the importance of doing so.

I apologize if you don’t speak twittereese, but here is the conversation.

I posted… “#Spokane Golf Show… Insurance and golf carts. #blog

They responded… @AAGInsurance : “Never thought about insuring a golf cart!”

I responded… @SpokaneGolfShow: “Yes, we insure lots. It could flip, injure, or get stolen. VERY cheap to add”

So, I wanted to back up my statement on golf cart insurance being cheap to add to a policy, so I had one of the great agents I work with call Mutual of Enumclaw (MOE), a highly respected and phenomenal insurance carrier to work with, to confirm my statement.  I was told that we could add the golf cart policy as an “inland marine”  addition.  That is the same type of policy used to add jewelry, guns, or fine art to a home insurance policy.

MOE gave me some rough estimates based on a golf cart being worth $5,000  (*this is not official, and can change due to numerous factors).

Deductible = $100    –> est $70/year   ($5.83/mo)

Deductible = $250    –> est $56/year    ($4.67/mo)

Deductible = $500    –> est $45.50/year    ($3.79/mo)

You need to think WHAT IF.   WHAT IF your golf cart flips over?  WHAT IF your cart is stolen?  Anything is possible.  For just a few dollars a month, you can protect your assets, and keep your mind at ease in case the worst happens.

Call AAG Insurance for all your insurance needs including golf cart insurance.

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